Saints for Soldiers was established in 2015 and is operated and staffed by volunteers. Most of which are U.S. Veterans wishing to “pay it forward” to their fellow veterans. Our primary and only focus is to support U.S. Veterans on active duty, retired, or discharged from service in one of our armed forces or reserve units, and their dependant family members.

Saints for Soldiers was the brain child of our former CEO Mr. Gary Douglas. Gary, a disabled veteran himself, has been assisting U.S. Veterans since 2002. Since Gary’s involvement literally hundreds of veterans have and are receiving monthly income from the Veterans Administration due to service connected injuries and/or disabilities. Gary has assisted widows and orphans who are now receiving financial payments, education grants and health benefits.

Should you be fortunate to attend one of the many social gatherings in our communities where Gary Douglas is the guest speaker, you will witness dozens of heart breaking stories of his past experiences in meeting U.S. Veterans who have lost their jobs or can’t find jobs and no longer have the ability to support their family members, or are homeless living in shelters or automobiles. You will also hear of the hundreds of success stories where veterans and their families have experienced complete recovery from financial and health difficulties due to Gary’s tireless efforts in obtaining VA benefits to those in need. 

Our office is located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga with a full time volunteer staff to meet, greet and assist any U.S. Veteran in their needs. Gary Douglas is an Independent Nationally Accredited Veterans Claims Agent. As a veteran’s authorized agent, Gary has the authority to submit the required claims documents on behalf of the veteran and maintain direct contact with the claims representatives at the Veterans Administration Office to discuss first hand a veteran’s claim and to ensure the claim is acted on in a timely manner and not placed on the back burner. 

As our funds increase, so will our service to our veterans and the VA Support Facilities, such as the many VA hospitals, VA clinics and VA assisted living homes. With the anticipated funding we will provide handicap vans to transport veterans to doctor, dental and lab appointments.